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The customer service department
A timely response to customer demand
Meeting to solve the problem


Company policy purposes
Improve the company organization system, set up specialized customer service center, improve reaction speed, shorten the distance with the customer. The company is in the front, the service on the side. The customer would like to think, to cherish the trust of customers. We understand the needs of customers, keep track of customer development, customers continue to study, through service to improve the product satisfaction. Through improvement and innovation to meet the rapid changing customer demand, to provide customers with satisfactory service. Through the service to enhance customer value, creating value for the company.

The quality of the products and service guarantee
We insist on providing high quality products and services. If the product quality problems (the following single specific requirements for the benchmark assessment), we are willing to accept returns. In a spirit of friendly cooperation, the pursuit of maximum satisfaction.

Service Center Hotline
Sales calls:0571-82770206, 
     13588005550(Ms. Chen) 
       Fax:  0571-82770131,0573-87960646