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Automatic side playing packer
Title:Automatic side playing packer
Category:fully automatic
Product Introduction:
              Korean technology
      Shape design aesthetically beautiful.
      Motor + reducer + cam + tightening arm operation: tight bundle of excellence, less failure, easy maintenance, oil-free.
      Reducer, the overall weight of the movement from aluminum casting, durable, high stability.
      Parts by CNC machine precision machining, mechanical action and soft, excellent durability, perfect function.
      Packing immediately after the motor stops, power utility.
Technical parameters:
      Machine size: W1610 * D625 * H1840mm
      Bow Frame Size: W800 * H1250mm
      Bonding height: 720 mm (from the ground)
      Weight: 255 KG
      Power source: 380V/50HZ-3PH
      Packing speed: 2.3 seconds / second
           PP width: 9, 12, 13.5 mm (optional)
           PP tape paper core: 200 mm
      Tied tight power: 5 ~ 80KG (adjustable)
      Controller: PCB
      Packing way: Start switch / foot switch
      Bonding Location: packaging Side
Applicable industries:
     Motorcycle / car battery / bicycle industry
     Pharmaceutical Industry
     Metal and Ceramic
     Textile industry
     Post and Publisher
     Small appliances industry
     Food Industry