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Unmanned low-packer (strapping)
Title:Unmanned low-packer (strapping)
Category:fully automatic
Product Introduction:
Unmanned low-packer Details:

1 truly packaging packing unmanned strapping.
2 power roller and pipelining to achieve docking.
3 countertop wheel can use semi-permanent.
4 inspection device has a conveyor belt, conveyor belt is in place can be checked.

Model: PW-55AR (high-) PW-55ARL (low-profile)
Machine Dimensions: Length (1630mm) X width (700mm) X height (1540mm)
          Length (2080mm) X width (700mm) X height (1215mm)
Weight: 280KG 330KG
PP width: 9, 12,15,18 mm
Power supply: three-phase -220V/380V/400V/440V (50Hz/60Hz)
Packing Smallest: 280W X 100H mm
         Maximum: 700W X 580H mm
Packing maximum weight: 80KG
Machine height: 860mm 500mm