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Automatic double arch frame packing machine
Title:Automatic double arch frame packing machine
Category:fully automatic
Product Introduction:
Detailed description of automatic double arch frame packing machine:
Packing machine size: length (1880mm) of X wide (955mm) X (1540mm)
Bow frame size: W850mm X H600mm
Weight: 350KG
PP bandwidth: 9, 10, 15, 18mm
Power: 1.70KVA
Power supply: phase: 110V ~ 240V (50Hz/60Hz)
Three phase: 220V ~ 480V (50Hz/60Hz)
Strapping speed: 2 seconds / minutes - 2 PP bands (bow frame size: W850mm X H600mm)
Table height: Standard 820mm (minimum 650mm)
Automatic low table balers: