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Stainless steel double bow pressure baler
Title:Stainless steel double bow pressure baler
Category:fully automatic
Product Introduction:
Stainless steel double bow detail frame compression packing machine:
1 is a fully automatic, so, the power roller, pressure, double arch frame packing machine.
2 for large objects with elastic pressure packed unmanned baler.
3 a job can also play two PP bands (a play a can).
Packing time 4 cut in half, and increase work efficiency.
5 roller table can use semi permanent.
Docking 6 power roller can be realized and the pipeline.
7 there are sent with inspection device, check the belt is in place.
Model: PW-55ARPMDH (high)
PW-55ARPMDHL (low)
Mechanical dimensions:
Long (1630mm) X wide (700mm) X (2370mm)
Long (2080mm) X wide (700mm) X (2000mm)
Weight: 350KG 370KG
PP bandwidth: 9, 12, 15, 18mm
Power supply: three phase 220V/380V/400V/440V (50Hz/60Hz)
Packing size: 280W X 100H mm: minimum
Max: 700W X 580H mm
The maximum weight of packages: 80KG
Table height: 860mm 500mm