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Pneumatic strapping details:Pneumatic balers mainly suitable for medium-sized packaging. Widely used in iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metals, textiles, household appliances, food and department stores and other exporters. Pneumatic tools for qu…
Domestic electric balers Details:PZ-232 electric balers, battery-powered energy, high tension friction welding, one complete package, fast, smooth weld solid and beautiful, especially the machinery has a lightweight, portable, strong, easy carry and s…
Detailed description of semi-automatic tower packing machine: play with speed: 1.5 seconds / minimal packing size: 60mm maximum packing
Unmanned low-packer Details:1 truly packaging packing unmanned strapping.2 power roller and pipelining to achieve docking.3 countertop wheel can use semi-permanent.4 inspection device has a conveyor belt, conveyor belt is in place can be checked.Model…
Product model: case erector FXJ-AT5050, with the assembly line work, without the need for manual.
Product model: the PW-03H-25 is designed to break through the traditional adhesive tape, sealing tape sealing, Fu Ping effect is good, no jump belt
Product Type: corner edge automatic sealing machine GPG-50
Product Name: automatic double arch frame packing machine model: DBA-200DH product characteristic: packing speed: 2 seconds per minute
Product Name: stainless steel double bow pressure packing machine model: DBA-55ARPMDH features: the 1 is a
Product Name: horizontal packing machine model: DBA-880 features: 1 the pallet covered package